🔃The ‘Flippening’ in Crypto 🔃

📌🔃What is Flippening (Ethereum vs. Bitcoin)❓❗⚔️ 📌🔃What is Flippening (Ethereum vs. Bitcoin)❓❗⚔️ by PRO_SMART_Trader on TradingView.com According to the chart above, The possibility of Flippening of Ethereum vs. Bitcoin is much more than before!  King and Queen battle for taking over the Dominance has been continuing !! ‏The term Flippening was colloquially coined in 2017 and refers to the possibility of the market capitalization of Ethereum (ETH) overtaking the market capitalization of Bitcoin ( BTC ). Therefore, the term describes the hypothetical moment in the future when Ethereum becomes the biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Although Ethereum and Bitcoin are named

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📌Kinds of BTC Sea Creature!

📌What Kind of BTC Sea Creature, can you be? (BTC Owner🦑-🐋) by PRO_SMART_Trader on TradingView.com If you have been in the cryptocurrency market for a while; You have probably heard new slang word specialized in crypto space! In fact, these terms of sea creatures are taken from the law of the sea’s Food chain ecosystem , that larger creatures hunt smaller creatures, and we can associate and compare and categorize it with the amount of Bitcoin assets of people in the crypto space from small to large! Ask yourself, “What species can you be? 🤔😃 Plankton (

📌How long Will this AltParty last❓❔

📌 How long Will this AltParty last? (crypto & Altcoins)🥂🚀 📌 How long Will this AltParty last? (crypto & Altcoins)🥂🚀 by PRO_SMART_Trader on TradingView.com What is the reason behind the recent growth of crypto market❓❔ The rise of cryptocurrencies following market optimism to reduce/stabilize the trend of increasing interest rates without the risk of recession❓❔❕❗ ✅ BITCOIN has reached above $24 k and Ethereum above $1700 , and the markets are still welcoming the possibility of the arrival of the last steps of the US central bank to suppress inflation , as well as optimistic data indicating a slowing down

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crypto projects survive this winter?!

📌What % of crypto projects will survive during this winter ? 📌What % of crypto projects will survive during this winter ? by PRO_SMART_Trader on TradingView.com The next victim of recent Crypto’s bear market revealed, the Celsius crypto firm plans to file the bankruptcy paperwork “imminently.” Rumors of Celsius’ insolvency began circulating last month after the crypto lender was forced to halt withdrawals due to “extreme market conditions” on June 13. that has been a while since the whispers of the bankruptcy of the Celsius project has began, now after the bankruptcy of the Luna project, it is now time

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📌Cryptocurency World❗❗

📌Cryptocurrency World , coin and Token Types: The Ultimate Guide❗❗ 📌Cryptocurency World , coin &Token Types: The Ultimate Guide❗❗ by PRO_SMART_Trader on TradingView.com It’s important not to confuse the terms “cryptocurrencies” , “Coins ” and “tokens,” Different type of them ,as there are fundamental differences that distinguish them. Summary: To put simply ,The two most common blockchain-based digital assets are cryptocurrencies and tokens. The biggest differentiation between the two is that cryptocurrencies have their own blockchains, whereas crypto tokens are built on an existing blockchain. What Is a Digital Asset? Broadly speaking, a digital asset is a non-tangible asset that

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