If you are a novice trader who has decided to open a position for the first time, you must first answer the following questions:

  1. Which instrument should it choose?
  2. Do you want to open a long or a short position?
  3. What amount of money should it put into this particular asset?

By the time they begin trading, traders will almost always have an answer to the first two questions; however, they may encounter some difficulties with the third question. Throughout this article, it will address the problem of calculating position size and demonstrate that there is a close relationship between position sizing and risk management.

When people hear about large losses that have been incurred while trading on the exchange, they should be aware that these losses are almost always associated with the use of the incorrect position sizing. Traders frequently open an excessively large position and take on excessive risk in their trading, which results in catastrophic losses.


The selection of the appropriate volume to open a buy/sell order is referred to as position size. This is the most important skill in trading, especially in the cryptocurrency market, so one should learn as much as possible about the subject to make it easier to apply it in practice. Traders are individuals who are capable of risk management, so before you begin trading with real money, you must be convinced that you are capable of calculating the appropriate position size. Determining the size of a position that would satisfy your risk tolerance is relatively simple, you simply need to know the answers to 2 questions that will assist you to know certain  amount of money  that you will lose if your prediction went wrong.

  1. How much is your risk per position ?
  2. How much is stop-loss % ( distance between entry price and stop-loss point)  for your position?

When it comes to strategic trading, there are a number of elements that need to be carefully considered before any actual transaction is completed with any amount of trading capital.

 Position Size

The fixed fraction model is one of the most straightforward and effective position size models available. With this strategy, you place a specific X percent of your trading account at risk on each individual trade you make. Consider the following example: you can use 1-3% risk per trade . Traders on the cryptocurrency market are more likely to opt for a 1% commission. More specifically, the size of the position you choose is determined by your trading style and attitude toward taking risks. The next step is to determine where the stop-loss order will be placed on the trade. After that, you must outline the most recent price fluctuations, support and resistance levels, as well as other factors of technical analysis, and then you must conclude your analysis. Once these initial steps have been completed, the following formula will be used to determine the size of the position:

How to Calculate the stop-loss and  Size of Your Position:



Many Day traders or scalpers have plans for stop placement, but they frequently overlook the importance of position size. It is possible to have a devastating effect on a trader’s account if they use too much leverage in conjunction with an inappropriate quantity size selection. The good news is that this problem can be avoided by following a few simple steps and performing some calculations. During this session, it will go over how to choose the appropriate quantity size for your trading strategy.

Determine Stop Placement

The first step in determining quantity size is to map out where you want your stops to be. Despite the fact that it may seem counterintuitive, this step must be completed before it can proceed. There are virtually limitless options for determining where to place your stops, including looking for market swings, using volatility indicators like ATR , or simply selecting an arbitrary value from a range. You should always keep in mind the distance of your stop has moved away from your entry once it has been placed, no matter how you decide to do so. Keep this value in mind as it proceeds to the next step in the process.

Final Thoughts:

Risk management is the most important piece of the trading puzzle. If you can survive for long enough, you can learn to thrive. If you don’t use sound risk management techniques, it’s really just a matter of time before you blow up your account.
Make your trading journey safer and less stressful by getting in the habit of practicing good risk management today! Don’t forget, you can use our position size calculator to make it easier tooH

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