📌How long Will this AltParty last❓❔

📌How long Will this AltParty last❓❔

📌 How long Will this AltParty last? (crypto & Altcoins)🥂🚀

📌 How long Will this AltParty last? (crypto & Altcoins)🥂🚀 by PRO_SMART_Trader on TradingView.com

What is the reason behind the recent growth of crypto market❓❔
The rise of cryptocurrencies following market optimism to reduce/stabilize the trend of increasing interest rates without the risk of recession❓❔❕❗

✅ BITCOIN has reached above $24 k and Ethereum above $1700 , and the markets are still welcoming the possibility of the arrival of the last steps of the US central bank to suppress inflation , as well as optimistic data indicating a slowing down of the economy (without the risk of entering a recession). Although, in reality, the drop in the GDP of the United States in this quota was more than expected; The gross domestic product was not positive this time either, and recording the second consecutive negative number (although small) for this index, at least from a technical point of view, means that the world’s largest economy has now entered a “recession”.

✅ It seems that the market’s interpretation of this economic contraction was something else; The market now believes that in the face of this bump in the path of economic growth, the Federal Reserve will actually put the brakes on its interest rate hike at its next meeting in September.
In fact, the market has already celebrated this auspicious event, and after that, the risk-free indicators of the market all started to rise. From the S&P 500 index to the Nasdaq and the Dow Jones, they all began to rise, and of course, as expected, whenever there is talk of risk-taking, cryptocurrencies have been and are at the forefront of jump and sharp movements.

✅ In fact, although we have entered a “technical recession”, many economists – and even Jerome Powell ( Federal Reserve Chairman) and Janet Yellen (US Treasury Secretary) have so far refused to use the word recession because other factors For example, the “labor market situation” is considered as a sign of a “strong economy”.

✅If we look closely, the optimism came when on Wednesday, investors reacted positively to a 75 basis point increase in the base rate by the US Federal Reserve and Powell’s “dovish” signals that the Federal Reserve is unlikely to raise interest rates in the next few months. . The next day, that is, Thursday, following the announcement of the second negative GDP data in a row, Yellen stated that the definition of an economic recession is actually “a broad weakening of the factors of the economy” and “this is not what we are currently witnessing”. And of course, it is believed that Yellen was referring to the National Bureau of Economic Research’s (NBER) definition of the term recession, which, in addition to GDP, also includes indicators such as employment, personal income , and industrial production in the definition of this term.

👉 It didn’t take long that the wave of optimism caused by this misinterpretation quickly spread from the stock market to the crypto market, and in the middle of the rise of cryptocurrencies, even the negative news related to the bankruptcy filing by the Zipmex exchange in Singapore was lost. Voyager Digital, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a U.S. court earlier this month, also faced an executive order to stop spreading falsehoods about government support. But even this bad news could not stop the crypto party.👌💯

📛 But The question is ;how long does this celebration last?🤔

We know that the economy is now walking on the edge of inflation-recession. All the tools that the Federal Reserve has are to control the demand side; So the Fed cannot control the inflation caused by the crisis in Ukraine, this institution does not even have control over the inflation caused by the supply chain problems, and this is what we think will cause the world economy to slide into recession sooner or later, and may all this celebration will not be stable (from stocks to crypto).

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